• Pets and owners’ health and safety are my first priority!
  • I honor confidential information for both clients and company.
  • Interviews will always be conducted with the pet owner to ensure quality care.
  • I maintain a high standard of honesty and reliability.


  • Unless specified, D. H. Petcare & Service will not enter any private rooms, accept for emergency cases (Pet is hiding, or a requested Security Check)
  • Service Types include: Birds, Cats, Dogs, ferrets, fish, rodents, reptiles, & exotics
  • Pet Sitting – daily visits / Live-In at client’s home/ Private boarding – at my home
  • Medication Treatments
  • Private Dog Walking
  • Alternative Energy Healing – Pet Massage/Reiki/Healing Touch for Animals
  • Grooming – Shaving cats, nail trims for both cats and dogs
  • Home/Security checks


  • Policies are in effect for the health, safety and well being of your pet as well as all of the clients. All dogs under our care must be up to date on their vaccines.
  • D. H. Petcare & Service makes no claims to offer veterinary services & any veterinary/medical concerns will deferred to the veterinarian of the client’s choice.
  • D. H. Petcare do not diagnose prognoses or make therapy decisions or perform procedures outside the realm of pet/home-care service.


In the event your animal becomes ill during the time you are away, we will make every effort to contact you. In the event we cannot reach you, we will contact your preferred veterinarian for treatment or an emergency clinic to stabilize the animal.

However, the client agrees the D. H. Petcare & Service has the authority to act in the pet ‘s best interest even if this means seeking medical attention prior to notifying the client. The Client also agrees to reimburse D. H. Petcare & Service for any additional fees or expenses incurred while tending to the emergency or veterinary care.


D. H. Petcare & Service do not provide pet sitting for aggressive animals, and/or animals with a history of biting. Under no circumstances do we allow cats to go outside in our care. This is against By-Law Animal Services, and because we are supporters of many rescue organizations.

D. H. Petcare & Service reserve the right to deny or terminate service due to safety, inappropriate / uncomfortable situations.


At this time I do not charge extra to work on any holiday stat days.


Please ensure the D. H. Petcare has all necessary contact information before you leave. In the event that we have trouble getting into your home, we would need to contact someone from outside your house…and any information that is left inside the house is no use. It is essential that you provide all information during your initial interview when you schedule our services.


Please ensure D. H. Petcare & Service know the location of all supplies, and that you have enough pet food, litter, medication, bags cleaning supplies, paper towels, for the entire time you are away. D. H. Petcare & Service is not responsible for purchasing pet supplies while you are away. All supplies must be in plain view or in a specific cabinet that pets cannot get into the food.


D. H. Petcare & Service must have a key to your home before you leave…we will not leave keys “under the mat” or the like due to safety issues for your home and guardians. In addition, we WILL NOT LOCK KEYS IN THE HOUSE after the last visit, as we must be able to access your home in case you are delayed on your arrival home, and your pet(s) require/need additional services.

We recommend that you let us keep a copy of your keys (to be locked in our Key lock Box) for future services. If you do want your key returned, we will drop off the key back to you. In preparation, for your pet visits, please ensure you have a key prepared to give to your Pet guardian at the pet consultation. If a key is not given at the pet consultation, you have two choices: Drop off a key at the office or We can pick up a key from you.



We understand that while you are away, you might have family/friends willing to help with some visits, but not all. Due to insurance guidelines and other liability issues D. H. Petcare & Service must be notified prior to your departure about any people that may have access to your home while you are away.

We will need the name, phone number, the time, and dates that they are stopping by as well their job responsibility. D. H. Petcare & Service is contracted to provide service for your pet(s). Therefore, I politely request that while your pet(s) are in our care, D. H. Petcare & Service is in full control of any animal care related service.

D. H. Petcare & Service will not grant access to your home to any visitors not mentioned prior to your departure. Furthermore, D. H. Petcare & Service will not be responsible for any damages incurred to a client’s home because of visitors. This is all due to our insurance policy, the safety of the staff, your home and your pet(s).

Also, if you have a house cleaner, yard worker, or home maintenance coming during our visit, you must notify D. H. Petcare & Service of their arrival times and dates.


This is similar to pet care sharing above, D. H. Petcare & Service politely declines to provide pet care services if you have family/friends staying in your home while you are away, and we are schedule to sit for you.


While some people may feel comfortable leaving their doors unlocked or open, D. H. Petcare & Service must politely decline to visit an unsecured home. Homes must be kept locked to ensure the safety of our pet guardians and your pet(s).


If you have made any locks, or alarm code changes, it is critical that you notify D. H. Petcare & Service when scheduling service. As well, please make sure it is brought to our attention and inform us of any new pets or any changes with the existing pet(s). I want to provide the best care for your pet(s).


Private dog walks are subject to cancellation depending on the weather. This is for the safety and the care of your pet(s). Examples Down pouring rain, hail, colder conditions of minus 20 Celsius or too hot + 25 Celsius – sun burn, pet paws – foot pads can get burn from the heated pavement or heat exhaustion.

I will still stop by and take your pet out for their bathroom break and/or feeding. If the walks are cancelled, due to weather, you will be notified through the communication by phone to you at your work number and on the communication daily visit form.


Pricing is subject to change at any time. With the fluctuating price and steady increase of gasoline in the city of Calgary and surrounding area, a minimal gasoline fee will be added to each invoice upon the discretion of D. H. Petcare & Service Management. Please note that pricing for D. H. Petcare & Service does not include GST.


We extend to you the courtesy of billing for our services. In return, we require prompt payment upon receipt of the invoice. In the event the client fails to submit payment for services in accordance within agreement, the client shall pay an interest fee of (2%) two percent per month on all outstanding amounts owning to the Service Provider – D. H. Petcare & Service

There is a $25.00 fee for returned cheques.

If your invoice does go past 30 days, we will politely remind you of the late invoice, failure to comply after our repeated phone calls will result in immediate collection procedures.


All deposits are non refundable. If there is a cancellation, we require (7) seven days notice prior of startup date (Overnight care in your home or my home or boarding). Failure to do so, will result of a 50% fee of original petcare invoice agreement cost of service. All deposits can be used as a credit for next service.


D. H. PETCARE & SERVICE, its employees, and/or contractors, agrees to provide the services in a caring responsible manner. The client waives and relinquishes any and all claims against D. H. Petcare & Service, its employees and /or contractors except those arising from negligence of the pet sitter/pet guardian. The client agrees to notify D. H. Petcare & Service of any concerns related to agreed contract upon services within 8 hrs of return home time.

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