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A Calgary Pet Sitting company with credentials and medical training, as well as being bonded and insured.

Have 100% peace of mind  and no worries while you are away!

Deb Howe Geyser

Debbie and Geyser

With over 30 years experience working with pets, and 15 of those years working in Veterinary Clinics, D.H. Petcare is your top choice for your pet care needs! In addition, I am also trained as an Animal Health Technologist. This means you have peace of mind when you are away. If your pet were to have any kind of medical emergency, I have the knowledge and experience to deal with it.

  • Reliability – I have over 30 years experience
  • D.H. Petcare is one of the few companies that are Bonded
  • D.H. Petcare is one of the few companies that are Insured
  • D.H. Petcare is recommended by Veterinarians
  • D.H. Petcare is one of the only Pet Sitting services qualified to administer your pet’s medications and deal with medical conditions
Take the worry, hassle and stress out of going on vacation or business trips. Contact D. H. Petcare & Service at 403.807.3702 or via email to arrange pet sitting in your home for your dog, cat, bird or other pet.