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Serving Calgary pets and owners since 2000

Quality pet care with a commitment to the healing and wellness of your pet

D. H. Petcare & Services strives to provide the very best care for you and your pets in the following ways:

  • Love for your special pets
  • Specialized care for pets
  • 100% bonded
  • 100% Insured
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Registered with ABVMA/AAAHT – Animal Health Technologist
  • Customized program created for your pet and their requirements
  • Recommended and used by veterinarians
  • Pet first aid kits carried in our vehicle
  • Back-up plan in case of personal illness or injury
  • Continuing Education with pet related seminars and conferences
  • Complimentary home visit with pet and owner prior to written contract service
  • Daily checklist at every visit to verify services

People love their pets and want the very best for them, especially when they cannot be there to take care of them. An owner’s absence can be stressful to a pet, and pet-sitters are a convenient and comfortable way of ensuring a pet is getting the best possible care at home instead of at a kennel. This ensures the pet’s established routine is less likely to be disturbed. Regular visits or a live-in service provided by a pet/house sitter also ensures the owner’s home is secure by deterring thieves and vandals.

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